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Salty Sculpts

Salty's Shells - Leaky Nipple

Salty's Shells - Leaky Nipple

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Look no further for a seaside keepsake that won't wash away with the tide! Salty's Shells brings you the Leaky Nipple, a hand-sculpted polymer clay nipple with glow-in-the-dark discharge, crafted into a sustainable-sourced sea shell and coated with a durable clear coat and UV resin. Get yourself a Leaky Nipple and find out why it's the talk of the tide pool!



* Hand sculpted Leaky Nipple  inside a shell. 

* Sealed with a durable clear coat and UV resin.


* Polymer clay

* Seashell

* Acrylic paint

* Glow Powder 

* Spray on clear coat and and UV resin


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This collection of shell sculptures is inspired by artists like: 

Care information

* Do not drop me.

* Do not leave me exposed to direct sunlight.

* Do not expose me to high tempretures.

* Place me somewhere out of reach of small children.

* If you need to wash me, a damp paper towel or lint free cloth is best.

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