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Salty Sculpts

Salty Snugglers - Cydney

Salty Snugglers - Cydney

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Introducing Cydney--the extraordinary, one-eyed Salty Snuggler who'll infuse your interior decor with a unique style and opulence. His impressive, veiny eye and luminescent snot truly make him one-of-a-kind! Perfect for those looking for a touch of extravagance, Cydney will be sure to give your space a little something extra. Whether you sit him on a shelf, snuggle with him on the couch, or just admire him from afar--he's sure to become a part of the family in no time!

Materials Used: 

* Polyester stuffed animal 
* Polymer Clay
* Glass 
* Acrylic paint 
* UV resin 
* Spray on clear coat
* Red Thread 


* Aprox 10" tall

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Care information

* Do not drop me.

* Do not leave me exposed to direct sunlight.

* Do not expose me to high tempretures.

* Place me somewhere out of reach of small children.

* If you need to wash me, a damp paper towel or lint free cloth is best.

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