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Salty’s WTFs - WTF #3 “Saul The Derp Snail”

Salty’s WTFs - WTF #3 “Saul The Derp Snail”

I want to introduce you all to “Saul The Derp Snail”. His main method of transportation is pulling his moist wrinkly body through his glow in the dark snot trail while mouth breathing heavily like an absolute pervert.


This sculpture is a 1/1 there will never be a replica of this exact sculpt. 

Saul stands just a bit over 9” tall almost 10” long and is about 5 inches wide. He weighs in at around 1.25lbs 


Materials used: 

  • Polymer clay
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Glass 
  • UV resin
  • UV reactive glow powder
  • Acrylic Paint. 



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