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Salty Sculpts

Salty’s WTFs - Hybrid-Seymour Sax

Salty’s WTFs - Hybrid-Seymour Sax

Introducing Seymour Sax, the epitome of twisted humor and repulsive artistry! This unique sculpture is a mesmerizing amalgamation of polymer clay and a recycled ceramic figurine, resulting in a mind-boggling creation that defies all expectations.


Prepare to have your senses simultaneously tickled and revolted by Seymour Sax. With his two bulging eyes, he stares deep into your soul, daring you to embrace the absurdity of his existence. But it's his 12 gnarly teeth that truly steal the show, each tooth a testament to the artist's delightfully twisted imagination.



But wait, there's more! Seymour Sax takes his repulsiveness to new heights with the marvelously disgusting feature of drool and glow-in-the-dark snot dripping down and out of his saxophone. It's simultaneously fascinating and stomach-churning to witness this grotesque masterpiece come to life, illuminating the darkness with its eerie glow.


Whether you choose to proudly display Seymour Sax in your living room as a conversation starter or gift it to that one friend with a taste for the bizarre, this sculpture is guaranteed to evoke a wide range of reactions. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions, from uproarious laughter to a mix of awe and slight discomfort.


Embrace the weird, the gross, and the unexpected with Seymour Sax. This strikingly repulsive sculpture is a testament to the limitless boundaries of art and humor. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Add Seymour Sax to your collection today and let the twisted charm take center stage. Get ready for a journey into the wonderfully grotesque!



* 2 bulging orange, yellow eyes with yarn fibre veins. 

* 12 sculpted teeth

* Glow in the dark boogers. 

* Sealed with a durable clear coat and UV resin.




* Polymer clays

* porcelain Antique body

* Acrylic paint

* Glass

* Yarn 

* Aluminum foil 

* Spray on clear coat and and UV resin


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