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Salty Sculpts

Salty’s WTFs - Hybrid- Archibald

Salty’s WTFs - Hybrid- Archibald

Introducing Archibald – this debonair WTF will astound you with his bulging luminescent eyes and 16 glow in the dark handcrafted chompers. Appreciate his one-of-a-kind visage that only a mother could love. Let his eccentric personality become a part of your home. 


* 2 bulging Green eyes with yarn fibre veins. 

* 16 sculpted teeth

* Glow in the dark boogers. 

* Sealed with a durable clear coat and UV resin.




* Polymer clays

* porcelain Antique body

* Acrylic paint

* Glass

* Yarn 

* Aluminum foil 

* Spray on clear coat and and UV resin


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