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Salty Sculpts

Salty Jars- Arlo

Salty Jars- Arlo

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Introducing Arlo, a unique and stylishly crafted jar that serves the dual purpose of adding an exclusive "WTF" aesthetic touch to your living space, while also providing an ample storage solution for Grandpas earwax collection. Featuring a fleshy polymer clay finish with 12 glow-in-the-dark pustules, this one-eyed, tattooed jar stands at 4 inches tall and holds an impressive 157 mL. The secure screw-top lid ensures your personal items remain safe and secure at all times. Elevate your decor and store your items in Arlo's exquisite design.



* Glass Jar with Metal lid 
* Polymer Clay 
* Yarn 
* Glass 
* UV resin 
* Acrylic Paint
* Durable clear coat 
* Glow Powder


* Screw top lid
* Aprox 4" tall 
* Aprox 3.5" width  
* Aprox weight 391g 
* Holds 157 ml.

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Care information

* Do not drop me.

* Do not leave me exposed to direct sunlight.

* Do not expose me to high tempretures.

* Place me somewhere out of reach of small children.

* If you need to wash me, a damp paper towel or lint free cloth is best.

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